Oracle的大变革:Accelerated Buying Experience

盖国强 2016-03-23

在 3月16日,Oracle在发布季度财报之后,发布了至关重要的消息,这一消息在此之前被传闻为 Oracle 的重大变化(Making major changes),这些变化通过Oracle的全员邮件体现出来。


To: All Oracle Employees

As many of you know, the move to the Cloud is a generational shift in technology that is the biggest and most important opportunity in our company's history. Oracle embarked on this initiative over ten years ago when we began rewriting all of our software as integrated cloud services that are easy to own and use and also provide the agility, reliability, scalability and security that customers expect. We now have the leading and most complete set of cloud services in the industry, and more than 10,000 of our customers around the world are already using them to help run their businesses.


In order for us to reach our goal of being the best company to do business with in the Cloud and further propel our competitive differentiation, we have been deploying our own cloud services internally and revamping how we sell to and care for our customers. We are excited to share with you today the launch of the Oracle Accelerated Buying Experience, a major component of our Cloud transformation.


The Oracle Accelerated Buying Experience enables customers to effortlessly purchase our cloud services with the click of a button. Through the use of our SaaS applications, including Sales, Service and Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) Clouds, we can now complete orders significantly faster than anyone else in the Cloud. The result is less time processing transactions and more time focusing on meeting the needs of our customers. In addition to deploying our own cloud services, other changes that are making the Oracle Accelerated Buying Experience possible include:


  • Empowering the field with more contracting flexibility

  • Reducing and eliminating required approvals

  • Simplifying and shortening the order documents; 

  • Providing the ability for customers to self-procure; and 

  • Delivering extensive help throughout the process.

  • 更灵活的合同授权;

  • 减少和消除审批流程;

  • 简化和缩短了订购文档;

  • 为客户提供自我服务和购买方式;

  • 提供全过程的广泛协助;

More detailed information on how to take advantage of this transformational initiative can be located on the Accelerated Buying Experience portal. In addition, we are planning to make the Oracle Accelerated Buying Experience available for License and other non-Cloud transactions in the near future. These important changes will help us continue to be the most successful enterprise technology vendor in the world.

Larry Ellison Chairman and CTO

Safra Catz CEO

Mark Hurd CEO


从 Flexibility 和 Simplifying 这些关键词可以看出,Oracle的商务模式一直是僵化和复杂的,包括严苛的授权条款和销售策略。现在的“Oracle Accelerated Buying Experience”,显然是为了简化这个流程,尽可能减少销售人员在销售过程中的介入,邮件最后提出,这一系列的政策也将扩展到非云领域的销售过程中。





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