Oracle Database 12c: ASM New Features 1 - 1
Oracle Database 12c is the next major release of Oracle Database software. It builds on more
than 30 years of innovation in data management and introduces significant new capabilities
based on the 500+ engineering projects that fed into this release.
A key focus for Oracle Database 12c is cloud computing, a model for enabling convenient, on-
demand access to a shared pool of dynamic configurable computing resources. The key
benefits associated with cloud computing are:
Increased efficiency due to better resource utilization.
Greater agility and flexibility in responding to changing workload demands.
Reduced costs through the ability to do more with less and manage many as one.
Better service because users get the resources they need when they need them.
Cloud computing technologies can be applied to deliver benefits across different application
classes. Large, mission critical systems can benefit from the ability to dynamically provision
resources to meet workload demands. Smaller, less mission critical systems can share
computing resources to increase resource utilization and lower costs.
The cloud computing focus in Oracle Database 12c is embodied by the 'c' in '12c'. The slide
lists some of the key themes for Oracle Database 12c and introduces some of the new
features that enable customers to move towards cloud computing.
In addition, Oracle Database 12c enhances many of the core capabilities available in earlier
releases to deliver improved performance, scalability, availability, security and manageability.
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