Oracle 20c 概念手册
Oracle® Database
Database Concepts
February 2020
Oracle Database Database Concepts, 20c
Copyright © 1993, 2020, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
Primary Authors: Lance Ashdown, Tom Kyte, Joe McCormack
Contributors: Drew Adams, Ashish Agrawal, Troy Anthony, Vikas Arora, Jagan Athraya, David Austin,
Thomas Baby, Vladimir Barriere, Hermann Baer, Srinagesh Battula, Nigel Bayliss, Tammy Bednar, Virginia
Beecher, Bjorn Bolltoft, Ashmita Bose, David Brower, Larry Carpenter, Lakshminaray Chidambaran, Deba
Chatterjee, Shasank Chavan, Tim Chien, Gregg Christman, Bernard Clouse, Maria Colgan, Carol Colrain,
Nelson Corcoran, Michael Coulter, Jonathan Creighton, Judith D'Addieco, Mark Dilman, Kurt Engeleiter,
Bjørn Engsig, Marcus Fallon, Steve Fogel, Jonathan Giloni, Naveen Gopal, Bill Habeck , Min-Hank Ho, Lijie
Heng, Bill Hodak, Yong Hu, Pat Huey, Praveen Kumar Tupati Jaganath, Sanket Jain, Prakash Jashnani,
Caroline Johnston, Shantanu Joshi, Jesse Kamp, Vikram Kapoor, Feroz Khan, Jonathan Klein, Andre
Kruglikov, Sachin Kulkarni, Surinder Kumar, Paul Lane, Adam Lee, Allison Lee, Jaebock Lee, Sue Lee, Teck
Hua Lee, Yunrui Li , Ilya Listvinski, Bryn Llewellyn, Rich Long, Barb Lundhild, Neil Macnaughton, Vineet
Marwah, Susan Mavris, Bob McGuirk, Joseph Meeks, Mughees Minhas, Sheila Moore, Valarie Moore, Gopal
Mulagund, Charles Murray, Kevin Neel, Sue Pelski, Raymond Pfau, Gregory Pongracz, Vivek Raja, Ashish
Ray, Bert Rich, Kathy Rich, Andy Rivenes, Scott Rotondo, Vivian Schupmann, Venkat Senaptai, Shrikanth
Shankar, Prashanth Shanthaveerappa, Cathy Shea, Susan Shepard, Kam Shergill, Mike Skarpelos, Sachin
Sonawane, James Spiller, Suresh Sridharan, Jim Stenoish, Janet Stern, Rich Strohm, Roy Swonger, Kamal
Tbeileh, Juan Tellez, Ravi Thammaiah, Lawrence To, Tomohiro Ueda, Randy Urbano, Badhri Varanasi, Nick
Wagner, Steve Wertheimer, Patrick Wheeler, Doug Williams, James Williams, Andrew Witkowski, Daniel
Wong, Hailing Yu
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